2020 Campus Recruiting- Software Development Engineer (R89649)

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Job Description

What does success sound like at Dell? Integrity; Teamwork; A passion for customers. That is what success sounds like at Dell. Dell’s fundamental belief is that technology has always been about unleashing the human potential and the Dell team is striving to live up to that ideal every day in everything we do.

The Software Engineering of Client Product Group is responsible for developing and delivering a variety of personal computing software technologies to a wide range of customers, from consumers, to small businesses, to large public institutions and corporations. Our mission is to give our customers the power to do more with technology by providing industry-leading software solutions.

Dell is looking for Software Development Engineers to work on software solutions in the personal computing and cloud domains for our new Taiwan Software Development Center. In this role, you will be responsible for working closely with other technologists, architects, experience designers, product marketers, software developers and validation engineers to create software solutions for Dell’s products that encompass middle-ware components, applications, user interfaces and cloud software layers.


  • Working with external partners and internal Dell technology, marketing, engineering and validation teams to create solutions for Windows Platforms
  • Analyzing solution requirements, design and validation strategies
  • Creating requirements and design documentation
  • Developing Proof of Concept implementations
  • Working with Senior Software engineers to develop software solutions for customer support and client system management


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering, graduate within one year.
  • Strong understanding of software development lifecycles (Agile/Scrum Preferred)
  • Basic understanding of computer architectures like x86 and ARM.
  • Strong C, C++, C# or Java coding skills, with emphasis on writing scalable and secure code
  • Object Oriented Design experience.
  • Familiarity with Web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple projects, setting priorities and working independently under aggressive timelines
  • Ability to write and analyze requirements, functional specifications, design specifications, test plans, and documentation

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Dell is uniquely positioned to impact industry trends

Dell leads enabling standards and technologies through industry groups and strategic partners. We partner, rather than compete, with top industry technology suppliers and original development manufacturers. These partnerships give us a uniquely broad perspective on the computing landscape.

Since the first Dell PC was introduced in 1986, Dell has continued to shape the industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in home, small business and enterprise computing. We gather requirements directly through tens of thousands of daily customer interactions, organized events, social media venues and customer panels. Maintaining strong internal development capabilities, we spur innovation that delivers value to customers.

Dell's research and development efforts now span the globe, driven by some of the industry's foremost product designers and engineers. At the core of Dell's innovation approach; however, remains an unwavering commitment to deliver new and better solutions that directly address customer needs.

The Taiwan Design Center (TDC) is one of several development centers we have around the world focused on engineering and qualification efforts to support Dell's customer-focused, global technology initiatives. Dell offers unprecedented opportunities for talented, experienced professionals in the high-tech industry.