2020 Campus Recruiting-Electrical Engineer (R89634)

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Job Description

2020 Campus Recruiting-Electrical Engineer

TDC, Taiwan

Here is looking for an Electrical Engineer to join Dell Engineering in TDC Taiwan. This role is dedicated on the Power and IO Device performance measurement and development activities with specific focus on Power and IO Devices embedded system design and validation, work with cross function team to implement and fulfill Dell’s product with great performance.

Key Responsibilities

The Electrical Engineer will start with modifying and evaluating electronic parts, components or integrated circuitry for electronic equipment; conducts experimental tests and evaluates results. Selects components based on analysis of specifications, cost, continuity of supply, and reliability. Reviews original design manufacturer and sub-tier vendor capability to support product development and production.

Support Power and IO Device relative implementation, documentation and change management, drive closure of customer/sustaining issues. Also supports to Quality, Service, and other support teams for Power and IO related tasks.


  • Master’s degree in Electrical engineering.
  • Support Power and IO relative implementation, documentation and change management, drive closure of customer/sustaining issues.
  • Designs, analyzes, documents and functionally validates for Power and IO Devices.
  • Create/Review test requirements, specifications and designs to assure product quality
  • Protect intellectual property. Drive idea generation for technology implementation in Dell platforms.
  • Interface with third party lab venders to define and manage the test criteria and measurement items.

Desired Skills

  • Able to interact closely with cross functional engineering teams, solution providers and ODM partners.
  • Willing to learn program management skills with priority setting skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly through oral and written communications across global organizations.
  • Ability to present clear and concise information to teams and customers.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience in Adaptor/Battery/Audio CODEC/Speaker/Mic/Camera/Touchpad/Fingerprint/KB knowledge is a plus

Dell provides end-to-end solutions that enable more affordable and accessible technology around the world, empowering people everywhere to do more. You will be part of a team that believes in honest communication, shares creativity and welcomes different perspectives. Our culture is built on a spirit of innovation and our people. We strive to provide the mentoring, training and opportunities for everyone to fulfill their ambitions and potential. Your goals are our goals.


We value the health and happiness of our employees, which is why we offer a competitive benefits package.

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