🔥 [資深] 全端軟體工程師 (全遠端) 🛠 Senior Full-Stack Engineer (Remote) 🚀

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Job Description



  1. 渴望自己決定工時,彈性上下班的制度
  2. 渴望遠端自由的環境,想逃離辦公室
  3. 渴望有挑戰、發展和前景的新創領域
  4. 渴望在團隊中擁有參與感和主導權
  5. 具有創業和冒險精神,不害怕未知的挑戰
  6. 對國際市場有熱情和野心,未來想到美國工作

你就是我們在尋找的 [資深] 全端網頁開發工程師!希望我們的新創團隊成為你理想與事業啟航的起點!


有興趣請填寫此申請表,上傳履歷表,並預約線上面談 👉 APPLY NOW






- 資訊、電腦工程、電機,相關學科

- 五年以上的程式學科或工作實習經驗

- 現代全端開發 JavaScript (Node, Express, React, Redux)、Django、Rails、HTML、CSS 經驗

- 數據庫經驗(如 PostgreSQL,MySQL,MongoDB)

- 測試QC經驗(如 QUnit,Mocha,Jasmine,RSpec)

- 虛擬化經驗(如 Docker,K8S)"


- 自我激勵、自我學習、自我管理、自我要求

- 渴望滿足使用者的需求,並追求成就與卓越感

- 能夠快速學習新技能和熟悉新領域

- 願意主動參與團隊,與非工程人員一同合作奮鬥

- 擁有管理經驗


1. 可配合個人職涯規劃,自由選擇長期或短期工作

2. 時間彈性、遠端工作(無硬性規定上班時間,也無須進辦公室,只要按時完成份內工作即可)

3. 績效獎金


新員工的職位等級由考試決定:Compensation Levels - Monthly

- 高階 全端工程師 I: NTD 120000+ / month

- 高階 全端工程師 II: NTD 160000 + / month

- 高階 全端工程師 III: NTD 200000+ / month

| Job Description

What It’s Like to Work Here as a Full-Stack Engineer:

1. Our full stack includes JavaScript, React and Material UI (MUI), Python, Node.js.

- We accept candidates with prior experience in languages, as long as they have sufficient experience in C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, GoLang.

- A good developer should be able to pick up JavaScript or Python quickly.

2. Our databases are SQL-based

- We use Postgres.

- We use ORMs to manage our databases.

3. Our production infrastructure uses containers, K8, AWS ECS.

4. Our mobile front-end stack is built on ReactNative.

5. Our full stack engineers have a lot of pride in their work, and are motivated by good design. We ask for pixel-perfect front-end work, so we use Figma to test if the front-end is pixel-perfect with the original Figma design.


- Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to: design, develop, and document APIs, SDKs, and other services or tooling from inception to deployment

- Participate in code review with others to improve your work as well as theirs

- Write well-designed, reusable, and testable service and library code that you and other software engineers are happy to maintain

- Work with other engineers across the company to build delightful features that span various parts of the system

- Collaborate with our design team to understand and solve our users’ pain points

- Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes

- Building new tools for our internal teams

- Exercise ownership and accountability over your work

 API building

- Design, build, and maintain APIs, services, and systems

- Building a new API for our users, or iterate on existing APIs

Troubleshooting and debugging

- Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing software systems, including the development and integration of new components or automation pipelines when necessary

- Debug production issues across services

- Launching daily new market, feature, or product



| Requirements

Full-Stack Development Experience:
1. Information technology, Computer Engineering related background studies.

2. Five or more years of coding experience or internship with a similar job.

3. Experience in website framework (JavaScript or Python, Node.js).

4. Experience in Database (PostgreSQL, SQL Server).

5. Experience in QC test (QUnit, Mocha, Jasmine, RSpec).

| Salary Range:

Compensation Levels - Monthly

Flexible working hours. Normal hours are not required. Full remote. Performance-based. Based on KPI, we will decide on discretionary bonus, full-time (with insurance) offer, and terms.

| This job offers you:

  • Flexible time, full-remote work
  • Full-time or fixed term (contract-based) employment
  • Performance-based rewards and bonus
  • Optional Onboarding Training Program: We have a dedicated 3- to 6- month onboarding program to help engineers learn the basics of language and framework development to facilitate team work, understanding, and collaboration. You will have freedom to choose the language and framework you wish to learn, all classes and courses will be company-sponsored.



5 years of experience required
2M ~ 5M TWD / year
100% Remote Work
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About us

| 關於我們

本 FinTech 軟體新創公司由史丹佛及麻省理工學院校友共同創立,團隊創辦人、投資人及顧問團隊擁皆擁有科技、金融業及高階管理背景,致力於打造非凡軟體解決全球用戶的通點!

1. 科技新創:

  • 快速發展中的 FinTech、風氣自由、扁平文化,外商制度。
  • 扁平組織
  • 美式工作文化

2. 軟體開發:

  • 創造高效能與潛力的軟體
  • 非接案、外包、博弈

3. 彈性開放

  • 有問題隨時 Slack 發問
  • 在喜歡的地點全遠端工作
  • 自己的薪水自己決定,不限資歷,依考試結果決定職級!

| About Our Team

We are a venture-backed, full-remote, growth-stage fintech startup, founded by Stanford and MIT engineers from Silicon Valley. Our team has experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and consulting in NY, SF, and Chicago. We are incubating a product and looking to hire an all-star team that can grow the business. Joining this team will put you at the forefront of startup innovation. You will be able to scale a first in class product. Our team is made up of builders, and you should be no exception!

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