Senior Growth Product Manager, Arc

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Job Description

We're looking for a Senior Growth Product Manager to join product team to grow Arc! You'll work closely with designers, developers, analysts, and other functions to define and lead Arc’s growth plans.

This is a full-time, remote role. You're welcome to work from our physical office in Taipei or from anywhere within a 3 hour timezone difference.

Our product team cares the most about
  1. The speed of validating the market and users
  2. The ability to find potential opportunities and the creativity to grow the product user base
  3. Use data for decision making
  4. Enthusiasm and understanding of our product and industry
Things you might do
  • Drive long term growth of products through a combination of data analysis, product ideation, and experimentation to optimize product experiences
  • Be able to find high potential keywords and work with the marketing team to implement high-conversion & high-value landing pages that will expand our top funnel.
  • Work on website SEO to increase search results exposure, ranking, and CTR for target keywords.
  • Conduct A/B testing on various pages and use data-oriented methods to increase the signup conversion rate.
  • Collaborate with engineers and designers to maintain and optimize existing landing pages to improve page performance, render speed, user experience, and search rankings.


What you should have
  • 5+ years of experience in a product management role leading the full cycle software development process
  • Strong keyword research & SEO skills
  • Native or near-native spoken and written English
  • Great communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively across functions
  • Familiarity with tracking and analytical tools (e.g. GTM, GA, Amplitude)
  • A passion for our product and the ability to solve problems methodically and creatively
  • Experience working in a cross-cultural and cross-timezone (mostly remote) team
Bonus points if you have
  • Experience running successful growth projects to help company grow user base fast
  • Experience working at a fast-paced software startup
  • Experience writing your own SQL to analyze complex datasets
  • Fluent spoken and written Mandarin Chinese - our product team is mainly based in Taiwan

[Important note] Please submit your resume via this link for immediate consideration:

1.3M ~ 2M TWD / year
100% Remote Work
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Logo of Arc & Codementor.

Arc & Codementor

About us

我們是一個快速成長的新創團隊,有著穩定的成長曲線,目前成員已遍及十幾個國家,並且實行極彈性的遠端工作制度 —— 你可以選擇在任何地方工作!

我們的任務是幫助所有優秀的工程人才擁有好的職涯發展及不間斷的學習機會,不管他們身在何處。為此,我們的團隊正致力於開發兩個能幫助實現目標的產品:Arc 和 Codementor。目前雙平台的總註冊人數已達一百萬人!

Arc 始於 2019,是一個遠端職涯媒合平台,我們透過精準的媒合機制,及客製化輔導諮詢,幫助工程師們在短時間內找到頂尖的遠端工作機會。

Codementor 始於 2014,是一個遠端學習平台,工程師們可以透過 Codementor 找到能幫助他們及時解決程式問題的導師,也可以利用 Codementor Events 舉辦或參加各種程式開發相關的線上活動。

我們曾獲得 Techstars, 500 startups 等知名加速器投資,且多次被 TechCrunch, Forbes, WSJ, Mashable 及各大媒體報導,客戶集中在北美和歐洲地區等英語系國家。我們的產品正在一點一滴改變全人類的生活和工作模式,歡迎加入我們,一起做改變世界的產品!


  • Life at Arc & Codementor on Instagram
  • Career page 
  • 工程團隊徵才資訊 


We’re a global, remote-first company with 70+ team members worldwide and a solid growth trajectory. Our mission is to help anyone, starting with software developers, to build amazing remote careers from anywhere in the world. We have 2 products to help us achieve this goal: Arc and Codementor. Both platforms have reached 1 million total sign-ups!

Arc is a remote career platform, helping developers find a remote job & company they love.

Codementor is a developer community, helping developers learn remotely and grow professionally through live mentorship and virtual events.

We’re backed by Techstars and 500 Startups, and have been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, WSJ, Mashable, and more. Our products are literally changing tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world. Come join us and make products that change the world together!


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