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“About me” comprises of a few sentences that introduce a person, and it can been seen on various places, such as, personal websites, social media accounts, and, of course, resumes and CVs. The following is some examples of places where you can, or even should, include an “about me” section:

Despite its prevalence, “about me” is not an easy section to write. You have to write about yourself, which is hard enough in itself; you also have to make it intriguing so people would want to read the rest of your profile, portfolio, etc.

Now, imagine writing “about me” for your resume, which can only be harder as you have to do all the above and at the same time connect the words you use to describe yourself on the resume to the particular role you're applying for. It can be a very daunting task.

Although writing a good “about me” in the resume is difficult and it is, strictly speaking, not a necessary part of the resume/CV, having a well-written one on your resume can be especially helpful.

A good “about me” helps catch the recruiter's eye. Your resume is then more likely to get picked up by the recruiter. If furthermore allows the HR to quickly and effectively grasp your strengths and qualifications by succinctly answering the following two questions: 

  • Who are you?
  • Why should you be hired?

What to Write in “About Me” in the Resume

The “About me” section in resumes and CVs provides the HR with information about, including but not limited to, personality traits, personal values, achievements, personal story, goals, and qualifications. When well-written, “about me” in resumes/CVs not only catches the recruiter's eye but also helps them understand your strengths and qualifications at a glance. 

Therefore, what you write about yourself in the “about me” in your resume is of great gravity. Here we list elements that you can write in “about me” for your resume and/or CV.

1. A professional title

A professional title indicates your current position or work status, for example, “a freelance copywriter and editor” or “growth marketer”.

More importantly, a title should let the recruiter see the connection between your current role and the one you are applying for in “about me” on the resume in a couple of seconds.

2. Years of experience 

Briefly mention your past work experience in something that can help the HR understand your depth of skills and expertise quickly.

Some of the examples you can write in “about me” in your resume/CV:

  • I have 10 years of experience in finance management and tax advisory
  • As a graphic designer, I have 5 years of experience working with different brands

💡 Note: The goal of writing years of experience is not to go into details about your work experience, but to further explain who you are professionally in the about me section in a resume or CV.  

3. Key skills and competencies 

Highlight your key skills and competencies relevant to the role in “about me” on the resume to pique the HR's interest. Most HR specialists don't have a lot of time to go over all the resumes they receive. You can help make their jobs easier by showcasing your relevant skills and competencies and telling them your resume is worth reading.

Examples of including skills in “about me” in the resume/CV:

  • Experienced in developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • Proficient in Salesforce system

4. Notable awards and achievements 

Using action verbs and quantifiable results to highlight your award and achievements in the “about me” section of your CV can help you stand out from the crowd immediately from others.

Examples of including achievements in “about me” in the resume:

  • led the company to a 40% ROI within the first year of joining ABC Corp.
  • Within the first year of joining the customer service team at ABC company, I helped increase the customer satisfaction level by 25%.

5. Career goals 

People have their own career goals, different from each others'. Hence, you can personalize your “about me” on the resume by including your career goal in it to stand out from other candidates. Your career goals should reflect your personality and your long-term plan.

Example of career goals in “about me” in the resume:

  • I aim to become a dynamic and solution-oriented consultant to help more people achieve their goals.

How to Write “About Me” in Resumes

Now that you know what elements to include in your “about me” in the resume/CV, we are going to cover how to put all those elements together to come up with the best “about me” and help you land your dream job.

How to write “about me” in Resumes/CVs

There's a simple formula you can follow for your “about me” in the CV: start with one or two adjectives, your professional title and years of experience in the field and then write down your most impressive achievement and skills. If you want to, you can also include your career goals at the end.

[Adjectives] + [Professional title] + [Years of experience] + [Skills] + [Achievements] + [Career goals]

Yes, it is simple as that.

Tips for writing “about me” in Resumes/CVs

To win over the HR, you want your “about me” section in the resume/CV to be perfect and the following tips help you to do so.

🖋 Place “about me” at the top of the resume.

Placing the about me section on top of the resume and CVs so it will be the first thing the recruiter sees. 

🖋 Be brief and concise.

When writing “about me” in the resume/CV, you need to keep in mind the following principles: be succinct not only because the recruiter doesn't have a lot of time, but also you have limited space on top of your resume.

You have to use that space wisely and phrase your strengths clearly and concisely in “about me” in your resume, so the HR can easily understand it without much trouble. 

🖋 Proofread “about me” in your CV.

Being able to present your content precisely and accurately shows your attention to detail and professionalism. Double-check the “about me” description in your resume or CV before submission. 

🖋 Update “about me” in your resume periodically.

The truth is, you don’t stay on one job forever, and you are not the same person as you are now five years later. Hence, update your about me section in the resume and CV or from time to time to make sure it reflects an up-to-date version of you. 

🖋 Tailor “about me” to the role.

Whether the “about me” section in your resume/CV is successful depends on its relevance to the job you are applying for. As you're like to be applying for multiple positions at the same time, don't forget to edit the “about me” section for each resume you send out.

For example, if a job description for a teacher assistant role reads:

  • Help lesson plan preparation
  • Track student attendance and class schedules
  • Help individual students with learning challenges review materials taught in class

Then your “about me” should highlight your experience of creating lesson plans, organization skills, and communication and tutoring skills.

🖋 Use strong adjectives and verbs.

Inserting strong resume keywords can show recruiters your achievements and successes.

Here’s a list of strong resume adjectives and verbs you can use in the about me section of resumes and CVs: 


What to Write in “About Me” in a Resume for Freshers

A fresher or a recent graduate without much work experience might worry about what to write in “about me” in your resume. However, this is simply not true, there's still plenty to be included in “about me”. In this section, we are going over different elements that can help your “about me” section shine as a fresher for your resume.

Here are five things to include in “about me” in resume for freshers:

  1. Internship experience
  2. Academic qualifications
  3. Certifications and licenses
  4. Extracurricular experience
  5. Career objective

1. Internship experience

Internship experience, although sometimes not viewed as professional experience, demonstrates your willing to learn how an industry works and shows your hand-on experience in a role. Internship experience is, hence, valuable information to be included in “about me” in your CV.

2. Academic qualifications

Showcasing academic qualifications in the about me section of the resume for students or fresh graduates can be beneficial. Good academic performance reflects not only your ability to learn but also your commitment to things you decide to pursue.

💡 Tip: Since you have little work experience, your academic achievements can best attest to your ability and skills. So highlight them in “about me” in your resume.

3. Certifications and licenses

You can include any certificates and licenses that you obtain in the about me section in resumes for fresh graduates and freshers. Licenses and certificates provide proof of your expertise and skills.  

4. Extracurricular activities 

Adding extracurricular experience to the about me section in the resume for students is a great way to show your interests and identity to others. 

To stand out from candidates, show the HR your unique hobbies and personality. Extracurricular activities are, of course, more than hobbies. You develop skills that will be useful at the workplace when participate in them. 

So don't hesitate to write the extracurricular activities in “about me”, but don't forget to include both soft skills and hard skills you gained while participating in those activities.

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5. Career objective   

Let the recruiter know you have aspiration and are always looking to improve yourself even though you have limited to no professional experience as a fresher in the “about me” section in your resume. Those are qualities valued in almost every corporation.  

Apart from showing your personal traits, writing career goals in “about me” in your CV also allow the HR to quickly determine if your goals and personal value align with those of the company. 

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“About Me” in Resume Examples (for Different Professions)

Below are a series of samples of “about me” in the resume/CV with a brief analysis of the elements included in each sample, which you can refer to when you write your own “about me”. 

1. About Me in Resumes for Students

“Passionate and driven honors student from the University of California seeking an internship position as a marketing assistant. Assisted peers for three different school projects on sustainability and development. Developed skills such as SoME management, content creation, and data analytics.” 

  • strong adjectives: passionate and driven 
  • achievements: three different school projects on sustainability and development
  • skills: SoME management, content creation, and data analytics

2. About Me in Resumes for Fresh Graduates or Freshers 

“Recent college graduate with previous internship experience at the X Finance Group. I am a detail-oriented and attentive graduate accountant with relevant accounting skills such as systems analysis, spreadsheet proficiency, and data analytics. Looking for new challenges to grow further in finance and accounting.” 

  • internship experience: at the X Finance Group
  • strong adjectives: detail-oriented and attentive
  • professional title: accountant
  • skills: systems analysis, spreadsheet proficiency, and data analytics
  • career goals: grow further in finance and accounting

3. About Me in Resumes for Experienced Candidates

“Open-minded and experienced sales associate with 5+ years of experience with Salesforce. I previously worked at McKinny Consulting firm where I contributed a 50% increase of revenue in the past year. I am a positive, empathic, and communicative salesperson. Looking for a new position as a senior sales associate to grow my career further.” 

  • strong adjectives: open-minded, experienced, positive, empathic, and communicative
  • strong verbs: contributed
  • professional title: sales associate
  • years of experience: 5+
  • achievements: contributed a 50% increase of revenue
  • career goals: a senior sales associate

4. About Me in Resumes for Graphic Designers

“A highly creative and experienced graphic designer. Proficient in Adobe Creative Apps, Typography, and HTML. I have experience working in marketing and graphic design for the past six years and I have full understanding of brand identities and brand development. I hope to expand my graphic designer career into 3D design in known consumer brands.” 

  • strong adjectives: creative and experienced
  • professional title: graphic designer
  • skills: Adobe Creative Apps, Typography, HTML, brand identities, and brand development
  • years of experience: 6
  • career goals: (work for) known consumer brands.

5. About Me in Resumes for Teachers

“An outgoing and enthusiastic middle school teacher with 10+ years of experience teaching adolescents with special needs. I have passed the Professional Teaching exam (PTK) and American Board Special Education. Received 80% satisfaction rating annually from both teacher and students. Seeking a role as a Principle of special needs schools to continue my passion as a teacher.” 

  • strong adjectives: outgoing and enthusiastic
  • professional title: middle school teacher
  • years of experience: 10+
  • skills: teaching adolescents with special needs
  • certificates: Professional Teaching exam (PTK) and American Board Special Education
  • achievements: 80% satisfaction rating annually from both teacher and students
  • career goals: principle of special needs schools

6. About Me in a Resume for Customer Service Specialists

“Empathic customer service specialist with 2+ years of experience in A company. I provide solutions for customers’ questions and complaints with attentiveness and understanding. I am extremely stress resistant and I am good at time management. I’m looking for opportunities to grow further in the business development domain.”

  • strong adjectives: empathic
  • professional title: service specialist
  • years of experience: 2+
  • skills: stress resistant and time management
  • career goals: grow further in the business development domain

7. About Me in Resumes for Software Developers

“Diligent and ambitious software developer with 4+ years of experience in application development and project management. I have built many innovative applications for X and Y companies in the past that significantly increased clients’ satisfaction. I am patient and good at time management. I have always completed projects before deadline.”

  • strong adjectives: diligent, ambitious, and patient
  • professional title: software developer
  • years of experience: 4+
  • skills: application development, project management, and time management
  • achievements: innovative applications for X and Y companies in the past that significantly increased clients’ satisfaction

8. About Me in Resumes for Mechanical Engineers

“Highly assertive and confident mechanical engineer with solid knowledge of AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and fluid mechanics. I have an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and graduated with honors. I installed and repaired fabricating materials to fulfil clients’ needs. Clients reported 95% satisfaction from my handling of projects.” 

  • strong adjectives: assertive and confident
  • professional title: mechanical engineer
  • skills: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and fluid mechanics
  • academic achievements: MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and graduated with honors
  • professional achievements: clients reported 95% satisfaction from my handling of projects.

9. About Me in Resumes for Civil Engineers

“Organized and creative civil engineer with 5 years of experience in design and project management. Completed 8 projects for the A&E group under 20% of the total budget. At the A&E group, I managed 5 other team members to help the New York local residents to improve roadway designs.” 

  • strong adjectives: organized and creative
  • strong verbs: completed and managed
  • professional title: civil engineer
  • year of experience: 5
  • skills: design and project management
  • achievements: completed 8 projects for the A&E group under 20% of the total budget and managed 5 other team members

10. About Me in Resumes for Fashion Designers

“A creative and communicative fashion designer who is proficient in designing, pattern making, fashion illustrations, and concept development. I have 3 years of experience working with high street fashion brands to adapt existing designs for mass fashion productions. I have won the CFDA Awards in 2019 and 2020. Looking for opportunities in fashion management to improve my management skills.”  

  • strong adjectives: creative and communicative
  • professional title: fashion designer
  • skills: designing, pattern making, fashion illustrations, and concept development
  • years of experience: 3
  • achievements: CFDA Awards in 2019 and 2020
  • career goals: fashion management

11. About Me in Resumes for Sales and Marketing

“A focused and driven marketing professional who has participated in short- and long-term planning processes for A and Z companies. I strategically helped A and Z companies by conducting market research and potential market share. Z company has increased their market share by 20% in the last year due to my marketing strategies. Looking for new opportunities in consultancy to generate more revenues for companies.” 

  • strong adjectives: focused and driven
  • professional title: marketing professional
  • skills: conducting market research
  • achievements: increased their market share by 20%
  • career goals: opportunities in consultancy to generate more revenues for companies

12. About Me in Resumes for Interior Designers

“Certified interior designer with 5+ years of experience in commercial interior design and digital design. I provide creative and innovative interior design solutions for over 200 clients and received 95% of high satisfaction from the clients. I am looking for new opportunities for senior in-house interior design roles to develop my skills in management further.”

  • strong adjectives: certified, creative, innovative
  • profesional title: interior designer
  • years of experience: 5+
  • skills: interior design and digital design
  • achievements: provide creative and innovative interior design solutions for over 200 clients and received 95% of high satisfaction from the clients
  • career goals: senior in-house interior design roles to develop my skills in management further

🔑  Key Takeaways:

Writing the about me section in resumes and CVs is not mandatory, but it gives the readers an idea of who you are within seconds. The about me section can be placed in resumes, portfolios, blogs, and job site profiles. Keep in mind to highlight your accomplishments with precision and strong words.

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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